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August 28, 2015


Busy day!!! Four closings at four separate title companies and very happy clients!! Notice North Idaho Title and their classy reserved parking! Congratulations to Ron on the sale of his Hayden house and the purchase of his Dalton Gardens home. Congrats to Barb on the sale of her Post Falls home and purchase of her beautiful condo in downtown Coeur d Alene

November 25, 2014

Congratulations to Christina and Adam on their beautiful new Harrison Lake view home on acreage. It's always extra special when it's your birthday and you're signing closing documents. Party hats were worn by the buyers, myself, and the escrow officer all throughout the signing. Congratulations to the new homeowners. Please know that the House Hunter team is here for you long after the sale!

October 8, 2014


Congratulations to the Smidt's on their new home and thanks Leslie & Derek for the referral!


October 3, 2014


Congrats to the Goff's on their new home! I put their Hayden home on the market, SOLD it in the first week and found them a house within days after that -- smooth simultaneous close on both the sale and purchase of their "homes"!

July 3, 2014


What a pleasure it is to be involved in this ground breaking!


Here you can see an excavator digging test holes on this beautiful lakeview lot in The Ridge at Cougar Bay!


Congratulations to Doug & Kay Keeler on the purchase of this beautiful piece of north Idaho!



May 19, 2014


This incredible photo is of equally incredible new client, taken by her wonderful husband on their morning walk on Tubbs Hill.


They're visiting from Southern California on a "discovery mission" of the north Idaho area.  ADDED JULY 3rd:   As of the end of June -- that discovery mission turned into a purchase of a beautiful waterfront property!  Congratulations you two on your new Lake CDA home!


It's been a great pleasure working for the two of you and thanks for allowing me to share this photo of her YOGO pose overlooking Lake Coeur d Alene.


Does life get any BETTER?



March 28, 2014


Congratulations to Sheena Dunn of Estate Properties on her first closing!   It's a great feeling to be able to hand a check to an agent that has worked so hard to earn it.


Although Sheena is newly licensed, she brings so much experience to the table.   Experience in finding the right home for a buyer as well as her extensive knowledge of the area.


Born & raised here in Idaho, Sheena knows every road like the back of her hand!

Congratulations Sheena from the entire House Hunter Team!



February 15, 2014


You've heard the news and the "talk on the street".   2014 is the year we're coming back, back from the real estate slump and poor economy!  


One of the signs of recovery in the real estate market is the "boomerang buyers".  These are the people that lost their homes to foreclosure or a short sale a few years back.  


In fact, 79% of them are now interested in buying a home, 41% now have higher incomes then when they lost their property and 63% are reporting lower debt ratios which are improving their credit score and bringing them back into the market.  This is just one of the reasons we're seeing less inventory and more buyers.  


Get yourself a great agent that is an expert negotiator (start here) and you'll be good to go in 2014!



January 10, 2014

Selling your property thru national advertising!

Estate Properties internet presence continues to grow with LEAPS and BOUNDS!!
Other brokers & agents are always asking my secret to success.   Aside from the strong personal referrals we receive, it's our 24/7 internet presence that really helps sell houses!
This tracking photo is just over the last 3 weeks -- 15,651 hits!  Our website has been receiving over 15,000 per month, as well.
It's a NEW year and the phone is ringing with Buyer's from all over the nation.  JUST received a call from a buyer responding to this ad!  Looking to sell your property?  Please contact me and let me show you the marketing plan to get you moving on!

November 18, 2013


Thanks so much to ROW Adventures for participating in the "TRADE UP FOR CHARITY" event we have ongoing from now until Christmas.


Thanks Sheena Dunn for making this trade possible!   All of our agents are participating in this special event and YOU can too, just give us a call & ask how you can help feed local families this holiday season!


We've started with a pencil and now have two items valued at over $300.   We're working to trade them up for higher and higher values until we have something worth several thousand dollars, at which time, we'll sell it and donate 100% of the proceeds to the local food bank!


Although, real estate here in North Idaho is our specialty, giving back to the community is an essential part of our philosophy here at Estate Properties!


Whether it's a waterfront home, an investment property, your first home or a 100 acre parcel, the House Hunter Team is here to serve YOU! 

September 2013


What a great day for both my Sellers & my Buyers!!   Closed the beautiful Waterfront home, "Il Fiore Del Lago" on Lake Coeur d Alene.


It was a great experience for the Buyers, as they found me in Summer of 2012 through my strong internet presence.


They made several trips up to North Idaho on "Discovery Missions" and once I showed them "Il Fiore Del Lago", in their own words, they were "spoiled" -- they wanted nothing else.


The Seller was equally pleased as a house of this magnitude is difficult to sell utilizing only the MLS, it took the exceptional outreach and marketing of Estate Properties to sell this beautiful home.


When you know of someone ready to sell their home, please contact me!

July 19, 2013


Welcome to Larry Evans, the latest addition to "TEAM HOUSE HUNTER".


Larry comes to us with years of experience in engineering, contruction, real estate investing & general business.   We're thrilled to have Larry on board!


Here's a few words from Larry:


It is with great pleasure that I announce joining the Estate Properties team.


My business background is in Manufacturing and Engineering with my passion being buying and selling homes.


My wife of 24 years and I have purchased, remodeled and sold ten homes together.  It has been such fun to find a vision for each home, then design and remodel them to their best use and function.  It had become so engaging that I've taken an early retirement from my position at a military communication  company and become a registered contractor in the State of Idaho (Lic. RCT-32696).


Now, as an Agent, I can use the skills and knowledge I have developed to help you find your dream home here in the great northwest.  I can help you find the true potential of each property or may save you from some of the pitfalls of common problems.  I can also help you stage your home to show off its finest features and invite potential buyers to bring their best offers.


Most off all, I can help you find the home that best suits your wants and needs for now and into the future.

May 5, 2013


Thanks so much to the Merrill's for allowing me to list & SELL their lakeview home on 15 acres.


We managed to sell the property, with a back up offer, as well as resolve some difficult issues that were previously unable to overcome.


With consistent, clear & concise marketing, this property SOLD for *FULL PRICE*!!


Thanks again for the opportunity to sell your property!

May 3, 2013


Congratulations to the Peterson's on their new Post Falls home!


The house hunt was exciting and eventful, the escrow went smoothly.


So happy to see them enjoying their new home!


Go get 'em Jesse in the FISHING DERBY!!!

March 5, 2013


Have had several calls from buyers and sellers here in Coeur d Alene asking about the current trends in our local real estate market.


Here's what I've been telling them this week:


In the luxury market, we are seeing properties sell, as well.

Our market tends to follow just a bit behind the main markets of California, Nevada and Florida.....they've picked up and we are now seeing the trickle down of that.

A year ago, we had 4,100 homes on the market, we now have about 1,900 and twice the amount of buyers.   In the non-luxury market, we are in multiple offer situations on almost every deal with sales ending up at full price or better.

We're also seeing building starts increase.  Met with a builder the other day that has been dead in the water for years, just signed his 7th new build for this year.   Because of this, we are seeing slight incremental price increases in the mid to lower end housing.

I have two or three buyers that cannot find what they are looking for. This hasn't happened, to me anyway, for over 5 years.


I've also just closed on two vacant land properties and put another in escrow.   This shows interest in building, as well!


Since my crystal ball has broken, I can't tell you what this means for the long term real estate market, but it's certainly a change from a year ago!


The photo?  Why, that's our son (left) skiing and enjoying the North Idaho winters!


Please call or email me anytime, as always, I'm....


...at YOUR service!

January 18, 2013


Congratulations to the Scheller family on the purchase of their new waterfront cabin on Hauser Lake!


It was my pleasure to offer this home for sale for the Seller and just as great to bring a buyer to the property!


Both buyer & seller were extremely happy with the sale.  


The seller was happy that I sold their property within weeks of placing it on the market.   The buyer was happy that his cash offer was accepted.


My marketing plan went a long way towards getting the property SOLD!


Now, if only the Scheller's won't mind me stopping by on the boat this summer for a drink!

December 29, 2012


Congratulations to the Heit family on the purchase of their new waterfront home in Bennett Bay!


It was such a delight to see the Heit kids faces light up when their father surprised them with their new Waterfront home for Christmas!


May they enjoy many years of happiness in their new Waterfront property!


How did I get so fortunate to be able to assist people in making their dream homes become reality?


2013 is sure to be a great year for the Heit's and all that can call North Idaho home!

November 30, 2012


Congratulations to Dustin & Katie on the purchase of their new HIGHLANDS Golf Course home!


At this young, yet "extremely intuitive" age, both Dustin & Katie are not only school teachers but active real estate investors as well, owning several rentals.


We can all take a great lesson from these two hard working parents of new baby GUNNER....work hard, save your money & buy REAL ESTATE!!


Cheers to you, Dustin & Katie!!

November 16, 2012


Congratulations to Bill & Darla on their beautiful new lakeview home in Sandpoint overlooking Lake Pend Orielle!!


Coming from Susanville, California, Bill & Darla are accustomed to small town life, and even snow.   North Idaho offered them an even better lifestyle and the opportunity to be close to family.


One of the unique features of their home is a "view easement" on the property in front of their home allowing them a guaranteed view perpetually!


Life is GOOD for Darla & Bill!


I thank them both for the opportunity to assist them in purchasing the home of their dreams.   Bill & Darla now know I'm here for them from now on for all their real estate needs.


The service continues long after the SALE!!

November 10, 2012


The National Association of Realtors conference is in full swing in Orlando, Florida this week.

Complete with an EXPO of vendors offering professional real estate tools, seminars on the latest in technology and marketing strategies as well as unlimited opportunities to network with agents from all over the world!

Pictured above is Shelley & I at the NAR booth within the EXPO.

We've found invaluable new tools to help sell listings, marketing even better than in the past!

Taking the time to introduce myself to agents from all over the nation, especially in southern "beat the heat" areas that would benefit from an introduction to North Idaho.

The opportunity presented to me, introducing buyers and their agents to North Idaho, is wildly apparent in that almost everyone I meet has yet to hear about North Idaho.    They are surprisingly enlightened when I explain the beauty and the sanctuary that is provided here in North Idaho.

This may not be welcomed by those that hope to keep North Idaho the last, best secret, however, sellers are pleased that I'm able to bring to them fresh, new buyers for either a primary residence or a second

Looking forward to a brisk winter selling season!

September 13, 2012


It's absolutely unbelievable how fast time is going by!    Is it because my vocation feels like a vacation, as I so love selling real estate here in North Idaho?


Not sure what it is, however, I apologize for no VLOG (video blog) yet, as I wanted to give YOU the August sales statistics for here in North Idaho.   I've simply been too busy adding to those statistics working with Buyers & Sellers!


Although, fall is upon us, our weather remains warm & sunny....here I am above overlooking the world famous Floating Green at the Coeur d Alene Resort Golf Course!


All I can say is....."LIFE IS GOOD!"  


Join me, won't YOU?

August 31, 2012


Well, I never thought the day would come when the Zebra would hit 200,000 miles!   In fact, never thought I'd own ANY car that long!


Like the customer service at PARKER TOYOTA, this car "goes the distance"!!!   The zebra has given my clients many happy memories throughout the years "house hunting" for their homes and properties! 

The ZEBRA has also helped sell clients houses through it's consistent recognition!


Pictured above, I'm shaking Kevin Jewell's hand.   Kevin is the finance manager at PARKER TOYOTA.   Kevin sold me the Toyota 4Runner back in 2004 when he was a salesman and (to this day) I will always remember his kind and caring & customer service!

Parker Toyota's customer service is something I've strived to model, as well!    For my clients, the services continue LONG after the sale!!


Car salesmen (& sometimes Realtors!!) don't always have the BEST reputation, which is why when I meet an outstanding car salesman or Realtor, it's someone to HANG ON TO!!


Just ask any of my satisfied clients!!

August 30, 2012


Congratulations to Tony Wesche on the purchase of his absolutely beautiful home!!

Tony & I had a blast looking for real estate and eventually purchasing his Grandview Heights home in Coeur d Alene.


It was quite a move for Tony from Montana, having to live in a small apartment in the interium.   Now, it's over, and he's on his way to moving in!


The question is:    Will his girlfriend allow him to mount his prized "trophy heads" in this beautiful new home??    Tune in later to find out!!!  :-)

August 13, 2012




You may have heard of the proposed federal sales tax on homes.


As of January 1, 2013, if you sell an investment property, a second home or vacation home, you MAY be subject to a 3.8% tax on the gain.


This is ONLY applicable to inidividual with a net income of $200K or couples with an AGI (adjusted gross income, same as "net") of $250K.


For detailed info, go to:  FULL INFO ON 3.8% FEDERAL SALES TAX


This is something to keep in mind when selling your property!    If you sell PRIOR to January 1, 2013, you will NOT be subject to that tax!


GIVE ME A CALL if you'd like to discuss what this means to you!


As always.....at YOUR service!!!

August 12, 2012


Welcome Z2 & Z3....our zebra stripped jet ski's.   (Z1, of course, being the Estate Properties zebra car)!!


Enjoying the fun of advertising with CDA Press and writing the ASK Marla column, along with THANK YOU MARLA when folks buy or sell their home.


How cool is it when you LOVE your job??

July 31, 2012


It's a GOOD DAY when you can close on two properties on the same day!


Congratulations to John Gilbert and Julie Kerr on their new Coeur d Alene home!!


They worked very hard finding the right property and will now enjoy the CDA lifestyle including a most beautiful garden and lush landscaping!

ENJOY John & Julie, and thanks for allowing me the pleasure of making your dreams come true!


The lower photo has Michael Buschman in the middle!   Michael is quite the inspiration, and I look forward to seeing where he is in 10 years from now!!


Michael purchased his first home in beautiful Best Hills Meadows at just 22 years old!!   He's shown here with his lender, Steve Novaty, another young & impressive lad!

Congratulations Michael and may you have many years of happiness in your new home.   By the way, Michael DID turn 23 right after moving in...... I'm still IMPRESSED!!!

July 20, 2012


It's a good day when we have a simultaneous closing.   Cheryle and Jim
happily downsized....selling their large three story log home on 11
acres and settling nicely into smaller home on 5 acres...

ENJOY your new home Cheryle & Jim!!!

July 16, 2012




Thanks so much Bill, for allowing me to sell your home in Hayden.


In addition, Bill allowed me the pleasure and honor of helping him and his family purchase another house in Hayden, so that he could live with his daughter and son-in-law in a wonderful extended family experience.


I must say, Bill was one of those clients that keeps ME on my toes!   Bill had documents signed and returned faster than you can press SEND in your EMAIL!


Thanks again Bill for allowing me the pleasure of servicing your real estate needs!

July 15, 2012


So pleased not only to be recognized by the Wall Street Journal, but our local CDA Press as well:




Please review the article above in regards to this magnificent property.


Regarding Estate Properties, here are a few excerpts from the article....


McWilliams-Lopez is licensed in California, Washington, Montana and Idaho. These days her main focus is North Idaho and Spokane.


"My multi-state licenses help sell my listings as I stay connected with the large national brokerages and keep constant lines of network communications open," she said.


Which comes in handy with a specialty home like II Fiore Del Lago that can be afforded by a select few.


Check out the garage, with its hydraulic turntable so the homeowners don't need to back out of the driveway.


The main fireplace surround is 300 years old from France, and the kitchen includes a true wood fired pizza oven.


"The home is built with a generational feel as though it's been set against the hill for centuries and so well built that it truly will be standing for centuries to come," McWilliams-Lopez wrote.


Another significant point is this property is located in what she has named the "Gold Coast," the west side of the lake, facing east so as to enjoy warm summer evenings with the sun behind the property lighting up the lake.


The Gold Coast is home to several important multi-million dollar waterfront properties all situated in deep water key positions on the lake, McWilliams-Lopez said.


II Fiore Del Lago stands out.


"There is so much more to tell, and one can only appreciate this property by stepping foot inside, and yet the Wall Street Journal noticed its appeal, as they identified it as one that stood out amongst all others worldwide," she wrote.


Recognition, she said, that she's pleased to have.

"The homeowner was thrilled beyond belief to receive such a compliment from the Wall Street Journal," McWilliams-Lopez wrote.


"To me, as a real estate broker, it shows the community that my marketing reach' is not only local but national and global as well."

June 17, 2012




Yesterday, Car d' Lane finished up with it's annual car show and car auction!   What a great time!


Last month, 182 homes were sold in Kootenai County.   That's UP from only 136 sold last May 2011!   40 of the 182 sales were CA$H, and 50 were between $200,000 and $400,000, and 9 over 1/2 million dollars!


Realtor's all over North Idaho are seeing buyer's out in RECORD NUMBERS!    This seems to be the case for the entire nation (with the exception, I'm hearing of the south).


Is this just a short term hiccup in our recession OR is it the beginning of a turn around for the real estate market?   Seems only time will tell!


Every SINGLE one of my transactions in the last 30 days involved multiple offers!    For a recap of this BLOG and more, view Estate Properties monthly real estate VLOGS (video blogs).

SELLERS!!   If you've been waiting on the fence for a good time to seel, now IS that time!   Please give me a call and we can put my marketing plan in motion, moving you on to your NEW lifestyle!

May 16, 2012


Finally, the flowers are blooming all around North Idaho!!


Looking to buy?   Here is what Dian Hymer on the Inman News® has to say about buying in our current market all around the nation, but it rings true right here in North Idaho's real estate market....


The home-sale market is showing signs of life. More buyers are confident now than they were a year ago that now might be a good time to buy. Interest rates are near all-time lows and home prices in some areas are back to 2002-2003 levels.


Some analysts are finally suggesting that we may be headed for recovery. If you have a secure job, plan to stay put and feel this is the right time for you to buy a home, consider the following.


In most places in the country, home prices are still declining. It has only been recently that the market picked up and it's too soon to know if this will result in a sustainable increase in prices.


In many high-demand, low-inventory areas, you may find yourself bidding against other buyers, perhaps even more than once. This doesn't necessarily mean that the price will be bid up significantly over the asking price. This will vary from one listing to the next depending on property location, condition and price.


It's important to research the local community where you want to buy. Find out what homes are selling for, if multiple offers are common and if listings are selling for more than the asking price. This will help you make a realistic offer that might be accepted when you find a home you'd really like to buy. It helps to work with an experienced local real estate agent.


Some sellers in high-demand niche markets intentionally list their home at a low price hoping to stimulate multiple offers. If you see such a listing and there are a lot of buyers wanting to make offers, you will be better able to know how high your offer would need to be to win the contest if you have done your due diligence.


HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Whether you're anticipating competition or not, you should be preapproved for the mortgage you'll need to complete the purchase before you write an offer. In competition, this will make a big difference, particularly if everyone else who is offering is preapproved. It also lets you know what you can afford. And, it puts you in a good bargaining position with the seller.


Buyers aren't the only participants in the housing market that have heard the news that the market has improved. Some sellers are putting their homes on the market because they've been waiting for a better time to sell. This is good news for buyers looking in low-inventory markets.


You should expect that you will have to negotiate. Many of today's sellers are selling for less than they paid. Even though the market has improved a bit, sellers may be disappointed with the current market value of their home.


Include realistic contingency time frames in your purchase contract for loan and appraisal approval if you're applying for a mortgage. The recent uptick in the market means that lenders are suddenly overwhelmed.


THE CLOSING: Underwriters could require that additional conditions be met before you can be approved. Act quickly to avoid further delay.


Well, that's one expert's story/opinion.    I'm certainly seeing a lot of buyer's out there, and have two listing appointments today, receiving an offer on one of my listings and writing TWO offers!   So, sheech!   We're busy......Busy is GOOD.


As always....


At YOUR service,


Marla McWilliams-Lopez

May 3, 2012


Our office is "a-buzz" with excitement over our listing, "Il Fiore Del Lago" ($5,395,000) being selected by the worldwide WALL STREET JOURNAL as "House of the Day".....  and NOW, the voting has begun among Wall Street Journal readers to vote for "House of the Week"!!    So far, our "Italy meets Idaho" home is the front runner!!   Results will be in on Monday!  This is such an honor, and our Sellers are thrilled to have their house receive such global real estate exposure!


We've heard from a couple local news stations, and may be doing a SPOT on the news this weekend.


Buyer's are continuing to show up in strong numbers.   Spent some time today with an awesome couple from Ventura, California looking for a home in Coeur d Alene.  In fact, the home they were most interested in received an accepted offer between the time they identified the property yesterday and the time we viewed it!?   However, not to worry.... tomorrow, we're going to continue our "discovery mission" and "house hunt" into Post Falls & Hayden as well!    What a great couple they are....somehow, I seem to be bless by always receiving truly special clients!   I so often forget selling/showing real estate is a job, as it's so incredibly rewarding and enjoyable!


Into May, almost half way through 2012.....time flies when you're having FUN!   (cliche' but true!)


April 28, 2012


Driving through Harbor View Estates and Stevens Point today made me so thankful for this wonderful job I'm blessed with..... bringing people from all over together with properties in our beautiful North Idaho town of Coeur d Alene.    Let's not forget Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Athol and all the other surrounding Idaho cities!


Harbor View and Stevens point both have their own respective private community beaches for members to enjoy in the summertime!


Harbor View Estates and Stevens Point share a water system drawing lake water into a sophisticated water filtration system!


Greenery is blooming everywhere!   The excitement and fulfillment of Spring is in the AIR here in North Idaho!


Time to get the jet ski's out of storage, de-winterize them and get them ready to HIT THE WATER!


April 25, 2012


What a DAY!!!


Another BEAUTIFUL day selling real estate in BEAUTIFUL Lake Coeur d Alene.


Just SOLD the great house (to the left) to an incredible couple, Dave & Gendy, from Colorado!   CONGRATULATIONS Dave & Gendy!!   They are looking forward to viewing the fireworks on the 4th of July from their deck with an expansive view overlooking both the Spokane River, Tubbs Hill & Lake Coeur d Alene.    One FANTASTIC view!!!


Real estate sales are MOVING and SHAKING....not sure WHAT is happening, but something is going on!   Looking to sell a home in Big Sky Estates in Post Falls (beautiful 5 acre parcels with palatial homes, horse property, etc.), and just a few months ago, there were several homes for sale...many sitting on the market for months.    Only one was available to show today, two others in escrow.   Just after booking the remaining property to show a client this Friday, the property received an ACCEPTED OFFER!!    Nothing available at ALL in Big Sky Estates, and we're seeing that same scenerio in all areas of North Idaho! 


That's all to report from North Idaho's BUSIEST real estate Broker!    Left the office tonight at 9:00 pm, going straight to bed, so I can be there first thing in the morning tomorrow!

April 23, 2012


Absolutely beautiful Spring Day here in North Idaho.   Over 80 degrees!  Fabulous!!


CLOSED escrow on this great house (to the left) in well known Riverside Harbor!   Congratulations to Alex & Mica from Arizona!


Just received 8 new required forms from Bank of America today for short sales.   These are forms that are now required upon submission of an offer on ANY short sale.  A number of disclosures regarding the viability of short sales, as well as clarifying an arms length transaction, etc.   Most of the banks, especially the "Big 5"....Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank & Bank of America & Ally Financial, are doing their best to streamline the short sale process.     Still quite an arduous process, requiring the skill of a seasoned real estate professional!


Excited to report that one of my waterfront listings has been selected to be featured in the Wall Street Journal!   Early morning telecon with WSJ and the Seller!   More on this later!!  


Short blog, 9:30pm.....and the weather is still nice...time for ice cream on the deck overlooking Lake Coeur d Alene!   ENJOY!!

April 21, 2012


We are expecting to hit 70 degrees in the next day or two here in Coeur d Alene, Idaho!   Average day each year that we hit 70 is April 17th!


We had a mild winter 2011/2012, in fact the photo above is Lake Coeur d Alene from a beautiful home in Harbor View Estates mid-winter!?  No snow on the ground....just some snow on the mountains in the background!


This winter proved to be good for real estate sales here in Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum and Coeur d Alene.   Seems the economic indicators for the entire United States tell us that last month there was a slight uptick in real estate sales, and a slight reduction in inventory.


There are buyers coming out from all over, and more than 30% of them with CA$H!   We've seen a tremendous amount of mulitple offers on correctly priced properties of all price ranges.


My office listings have been getting regular showings, and selling as very well!    Everyone seems to be wondering if this truly is the "bottom of the market"??   Rumor has it this year we may bottom out and solidify and then into 2013 see a slight increase in real estate prices, with a bigger increase in 2014.    However, 2014 may bring higher interest rates, as high as 6% and 7%, they say.


Again, these are only predictions from current economic indicators, and my crystal ball broke long ago!!


This summer is shaping up to be great in and around Coeur d Alene!   One of our favorite events coming up mid June is Car d Lane....the Friday night cruise and Saturday car show.   Don't forget the Silver Car Auction on Saturday.  


After that, we look forward to IRONMAN!   This is an amazing display of human endurance at end of June.   People from all over the world come to North Idaho to participate.   2 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26 mile marathon.   Starts at 7am and goes until Midnight!  It simplY amazes me, as although I'm a self-proclaimed workaholic in real estate, I have difficulty staying AWAKE from 7am to Midnight, much less swimming, running and biking!!    MORE POWER to these wonderful athletes!    We're so proud to have them here in Coeur d Alene!

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